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The formation of ductile casting shrinkage

by:XEX     2020-12-28
Ductile casting shrinkage of the formation of the ductile casting ductile nodular casting properties and chemical composition are closely related. The ductile nodular casting performance is best, and gray cast iron is similar. Al- Cu alloy from eutectic composition, solidification temperature range is big, the ductile nodular casting performance is the worst. In practical production, aluminum ductile casting has feeding, Al Si type of alloy solidification temperature range is small, feeding of high efficiency and easy for tissue density of ductile casting. Other classes of casting solidification of nodular cast iron wide temperature range, low feeding efficiency, ductile casting density difference. Gating system must guarantee the liquid aluminum quickly and smoothly into, nodular cast iron easy to breathe in and oxidation. To prevent the agitation. The nodular cast iron pipe network analysis, all kinds of ductile nodular casting methods are applicable to ductile nodular graphite cast iron castings. When the output is small, can use sand ductile nodular casting, should choose fine sand to modelling; Mass production of important ductile casting, using special ductile nodular casting. Metal mold ductile ductile castings with high efficiency, ductile casting quality is good. The low pressure ductile nodular casting is suitable for high density requirements water resistant ductile casting. Pressure on the ductile nodular casting can be used for thin wall complex small. Ductile casting its cross section in general can be divided into three areas: 1 solid phase zone 2 solidification zone 3 liquid zone on the width of coagulation, area influential area, during solidification. In accordance with the division way of solidification. 1 step by step a solidification: pure metal, eutectic composition of alloy without solidification zone in the solidification process, fracture fluid, solid two phase separated by a well-defined, with temperature drop, solid layer increased, with falling liquid layer, to the center. 2 paste alloy solidification crystallization temperature range is very wide, a certain period of time of solidification, ductile casting situation does not exist solid layer, the solidification area throughout the entire section, paste, first after curing. So - - - Among the 3 most alloy solidification solidification between coagulation, and paste one by one, The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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