The galvanized layer of ductile pipe anticorrosion technology

by:XEX     2020-12-30
Ductile pipe outside the zinc layer anticorrosion technology at present, some units, the use of nodular cast iron pipe in our country don't realize the importance of zinc layer anticorrosion. In order to save investment, artificially save the zinc layer, with single layer asphalt protection only. In the long run economic perspective it is not worth the cost, is greatly shortened the service life of the pipeline, and on the pipeline security. Xin, pipeline system ( China) Process control of the zinc layer, are of the utmost importance to safeguard the interests of the users, do not allow the product without spraying zinc nodular cast iron pipe, to ensure that the pipeline corrosion effect and service life. The high-pressure efi method is adopted in the process, the metal zinc wire melting zinc coating layer, uniform, compact, high adhesion. Also set strict quality inspection system to supervise the implementation results, and fill in the daily production records, including: testing frequency, pipe diameter, time, weight of zinc layer, the density of the zinc layer, and so on. In 1984, the water make the conclusion of research center: ductile pipes of zinc layer of external corrosion protection is very important, can effectively reduce the corrosion. Shanxi ductile casting pipe co. , LTD. Think, in order to strengthen the outer pipe anticorrosion ability, it is necessary to increase the density of the zinc layer to 200 g/m2. For ductile iron pipes, so far, zinc and asphalt anticorrosive should is the best and the most basic protective material. For pipe laying, corrosive strong region can be on the basis of the basic protective layer, plus a polyethylene film set, or polyurethane coating, or polyethylene coating such as form, for special protection
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