The groove tube when installation should pay attention to?

by:XEX     2021-02-19
The groove tube when installation should pay attention to? Pipeline in the groove pipe joint connection mode promotes gradually in all types of construction and installation, its characteristics of fast, reliable is being installed boundary colleague, also widely used in the fire engineering construction. But different connection methods, the rigid clamp, flexible clamp should pay attention to what problem, when connected to the existing design and construction in the specification are not getting more detailed introduction, our country existing product standards have been published in many provisions, card hoop industry standard also involves only manufacturing standards and related test content. In actual construction, the pipe with clamp connection is encountered some problems and its solution is put forward. A, the rigid clamp on DN 250 or less pipe installation, according to the manufacturers to provide product manuals were introduced, usually can get satisfactory results. Second, on the pipeline in DN 300 or more flexible clamp connection, should pay attention to the following installation details: 1, in the steel pipe quality: in steel pipe outer diameter, wall thickness uniformity, nozzle at the ends of the pipe roundness tolerance will not more than * * * * * * standards. Steel pipe when loading and unloading, to prevent the pipe deformation. 2, nozzle pressure tank measurement and appearance inspection before: nozzle pressure tank before, should check whether the nozzle end face perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, the pipe out of roundness tolerance is overweight, tube around the mouth burrs for rejecting and polishing, such as pipe mouth out of roundness overweight or deformation, it must be removed. 3, pressure tank processing: for long steel pipe pressure tank, must set up a scaffold, ball bearing installed on the bracket, to decrease pressure trough pipe rotation fluctuations. Strict pressure groove depth, groove depth must achieve product manufacturer's specifications. Operation should pay attention to master pressure groove depth gradually achieve rate, more than life of mould should be replaced in a timely manner. After pressure tank should be with clear has been stripped of galvanized pipe mouths thin skin, and anticorrosive processing. Pressure groove end of pipe must pay attention to the protection when handling, lifting, loading and unloading nozzle pressure tank, avoid deformation. 4, approach the appearance quality of the clamp: because of the large diameter clamp ball mill cast iron sand mold manufacturing, manufacturing precision affected by various elements. So deal with appearance of sampling inspection, inspection content includes the following items: ( 1) Spell on flexible clamp plate diameter greater than small is not qualified. General grasp two clamp diameter and supporting steel tube diameter, the gap between two slices of clamp around 2 mm, not roundness, otherwise should be finish before loading. ( 2) Each piece of clamp card into the pressure tank flange height, thickness manufacturer must conform to the enterprise standard requirements. ( 3) Each piece of the radial deformation of clamp itself more can't overweight. 5, clamp installation matters should be paid attention to: ( 1) Clamp installation, especially the flexible clamp installation quality, in addition to depend on the above several requirements: namely, and the size of the pipe deformation, pipe material, appearance size, quality and clamp pressure tank is out-of-tolerance size, quality, size also must ensure that every piece of clamp all into the slot. ( 2) DN 300 or more and more large diameter flexible clamp installation should be paid attention to: the material of rubber sealing ring and appearance inspection, each manufacturer of rubber sealing ring according to the use of different media, the manufacturing material and formula is differ, but the installation unit must use fixed number of year with its unit engineering production units for the same product quality pledge and the physical and mechanical properties of rubber sealing ring test report, the appearance inspection shall be no damaged, no deformation, rubber seal surface is not allowed to have a bubble, impurities, fissure and concave and convex inequality. The groove pipe installation: a. Grooves, holes by hand touch, observe with the eye week, there can be no rest, crack, burr, breakage, and remove residual dirt around pipe. b。 After the rubber seal around the flux coating lubricant card is installed on both ends of steel pipe by hand. At this time to ensure that the rubber seal around by tension. c。 Two piece suit grooved pipe fittings, bilateral symmetry tighten bolts, groove gap between each basic equal. Stay close to tighten and did not contact with the rubber seal is very close, with both hands plate groove pipe fittings, make whole tube and sealing ring uniform initial contacts, observe grooved pipe fittings are all into the slot, and symmetry, respectively, and successive screw down the bolt. Fastening found seal wrinkling protrusions, should replace the sealing ring. Must ensure that the groove pipe fittings of convex had the bolt into the groove and then balanced on both sides. Convex had this 'into' refers to: the grooved pipe fittings with groove depth on the side of convex high of about 2 mm after tu embedded and nozzle pressure should be embedded in the concave flush. Finished clamp convex edge thickness, deformation is too large, sometimes seen even plane skewed too big situation, the scene can then trim, not only left, the other in a reload. This requires the operator to carry on observation to check, basic requirements again, in order to avoid rework. Using import grooved pipe fittings and domestic pipe fittings, must understand the product what is the standard that is used by the manufacturer must use match the grooved pipe fittings pipe, otherwise, due to the different criteria, it's easy to have a large area of pressure test is unqualified, caused huge losses.
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