The influence of aluminum casting gating system on the filling condition, don't say I didn't tell you! - Dongguan MAO embryo foundries

by:XEX     2020-11-08
Aluminum castings' target='_blank'>casting gating system for filling conditions what effect is there? Don't silly baidu again, below the dongguan MAO embryo foundry details with you! Gating system on the influence of the liquid metal filling conditions in the process of die casting filling state is made up of pressure, velocity, time, temperature and exhaust 'formed by the factors such as comprehensive, runner system and a pressure transmission, metal flow velocity, fill time, the coagulation time, mold temperature and exhaust conditions have a close relationship. 1) Pressure transmission on the one hand, to ensure that the nozzle in zinc alloy metal with high pressure, high speed mold filling, on the other hand, to ensure that in the runner and gate section of liquid metal to solidify, so as to ensure the delivery pressure. This requires runner and gate design, small pressure loss. 2) Gate area is too big or too small will affect the filling process, when the injection condition, excessive shuikou fill speed is low, the premature metal solidification, even short shot; The nozzle is too small and will make jet intensifies, increase the heat loss, creates turbulence and involved too much gas, shorten the die life. 3) Gas discharge is mainly depends on the liquid metal flow velocity and flow direction, and overflow system can open a smooth discharge, gas exhaust area is enough. Exhaust are in good condition, it will directly affect the appearance of the castings and the intensity. 4) Mold temperature control to produce very big effect the quality of castings, affect production speed and efficiency at the same time, the reasonable design of nozzle for mould temperature distribution of adjustment. 5) Die life besides depends on a good steel, and is associated with the working state of the mould, good runner system design is also in order to make the mould parts of heat balance in the state rather than a bad state, so as to get the die casting production of large economic benefit. Second, the gating system location choice 1) Reduce liquid metal filling path twists and turns, to avoid excessive circuitous, avoid gas volume, dissipating heat, pressure loss. 2) As far as possible to the equidistant from each place, the metal flow nozzle such as open center. 3) The temperature distribution in accordance with the requirements of the process ( Die temperature, casting temperature field) , try to choose a short process. 4) Using a single nozzle as far as possible, avoid collisions of each nozzle jet, when need several nozzle, consider jet to each other, avoid gas volume, energy loss. 5) Try to avoid positive impact type core or wall, reduce the kinetic energy loss, volume, flow to the chaos, die. 6) Reduce the casting contraction deformation tendency, make easy shrink parts get feeding, pressurization. 7) Is advantageous to the exhaust. 8) In high and no processing surface, should not set the gate. Aluminum casting surface strain processing method: 1, repair mold surface damage; 2, fixed Angle to improve the surface finish of the die; 3, adjust the plunger, the output of the top balance; 4, fastening mould; 5, reasonable control of pouring temperature and mold temperature is 180 - 250; 6, in release agent: 7, adjustment of aluminum alloy iron content; 8, adjust cooling time; 9, modify the gate, change the direction of liquid aluminum. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of stable product quality, focus on xin, dongguan MAO embryo foundry, casting to take you to learn more about knowledge!
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