The installation of indoor drainage flexible cast iron pipe

by:XEX     2021-01-14
Indoor drainage flexible cast iron pipe installation, 1, buried pipeline operation condition, should dig good groove, groove to straight, must have a slope, bottom ramming. 2, equipped with hidden pipes should first check the elevation, coordinate the arrangement of all kinds of pipe with and without contradiction. The reserved holes and embedded parts have to cooperate to complete. Civil engineering template has been removed, the operation site is clean, installation height more than 3. 5 m should take a good shelf. 3, the structure of the interior with the pipeline to schedule at least separated layer under the condition of installation. Indoor floor line should play, partition wall is installed, decorate rough plaster work has been completed. Installation site without obstacles. 2, 1, flexible cast iron drainage pipe and pipe fittings material requirements specifications varieties should comply with the design requirements, the straight pipe and pipe fittings, both inside and outside surface should be smooth, level off, there is no crack, cold insulation, dislocation, cellular and other hinder use obvious flaws. Socket seal face except meet above requirement, can not have continuous grooves, pits and protruding ridge. 2, socket flange contour should be clear, does not affect the use of minor defects allowed exist. Type A flexible cast iron drainage pipe gland and aprons interface should level off, smooth, there is no sharp corners protuberant, the rest parts of concave and convex depth is not more than 2 mm. Gland are not allowed to drop horn missing rib, gland of the depth of the flange plate cold insulation should be no greater than 2 mm. 3, straight pipe and pipe fittings, gland surface paint anticorrosion should be uniform. Sealing rubber ring should be homogeneous structure can not have cellular, buckling, lack of glue, cracking and flash and other defects. Three, the main machine electric welding machine, bench drill, impact drill, hammer, grinder, hand saw, adjustable wrench, hammer, spirit level, set of wire plate, line drop, etc.
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