The latest nodular cast iron pipe quality control standards

by:XEX     2021-01-05
The latest nodular cast iron pipe quality control standard of nodular cast iron pipe anticorrosion design by using cement mortar lining of epoxy coatings. Outside with spraying zinc corrosion and coating asphalt anticorrosive paint. Metal zinc coating thickness shall be not less than 130 g / ㎡, metal zinc, zinc content of at least 99. 95%. 1. 1 technical requirements. GB/T13295 - 2013 'water and gas pipeline in ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories'; Outside the pipe lined with cement mortar, spray galvanized asphalt, execute ISO4179 and ISO8179 standard respectively. 3. Within the village comply with ISO 16132 - epoxy seal layer 2004 standard 4. Since the anchor pipe in accordance with GB/T13295 - Test methods, inspection rule, size, shape, weight and allowable deviation, logo, packaging, quality certificate, transportation and storage and technical requirements are in accordance with the GB/T13295 - 2013 standards. 1. 3 mechanical properties of the pipe produced by centrifugal casting process, and must be after annealing treatment, mechanical performance is as follows: tensile strength ( MPa) Yield strength, MPa) Hardness ( HBW) ≥420 ≥300 ≤230 1. Interfaces using sliding type T, since the anchor type interface, in line with the GB/T13295 - size The provisions of the 2013 standard. The effective length L = 6000 mm, pressure levels using K9 respectively. The end face of cast iron pipe shall be the vertical axis. Pipe size and deviation should be allowed to meet GB/T13295 - The provisions of the 2013. Weight acceptance: according to the national standard, the standard quality of tolerance margin of error is plus or minus 3%.
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