The most common type of precision casting defects

by:XEX     2021-01-06
The most common of the most common type of precision casting precision casting defects have bubble, bubble refers to the individual location precision casting present lubrication hole defect. Bubbles are usually talents were found after machining. Gibbon precision casting technology personnel separation workshop consumption experience for many years, to show the reasons and prevention measures of bubble in precision casting summed up as follows: first, form reason: 1, most cases present bubble is mainly due to the fine casting exterior shell roasting is not abundant, when pouring molten steel shell suddenly produce a large number of gas cannot successful eduction, which constitute a bubble in liquid metal into the; 2, because the shell making process or shell mold reason, shell permeability is poor, is difficult to exhaust gas in the cavity, into the metal liquid in a bubble; Failure to discharge the air in the 3, pouring into molten steel to form casting bubbles. 2, 1, prevention measures in precision casting conditions permit conditions, complex in structure of casting the top set exhaust bubble. 2, when designing gating system, abundant thought to shell exhaust demand. 3, shell roasting temperature, time to is reasonable, the holding time is enough. 4, when the dewaxing wax material should be thorough cleaning. 5, appropriate to reduce the ladle nozzle spacing to the sprue cup, pouring to the average speed, in order to ensure that the steel cavity filled with degree of stability, which is involved in molten steel in the air as little as possible, so that the cavity and the molten steel in the gas energy discharge smoothly. Precision casting precision casting precision casting factory | | | dongguan precision casting precision foundry processing | dongguan | stainless steel precision casting: WWW. ggcasting。 com
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