The performance and characteristics of commonly used nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2021-01-13
Performance and characteristics of commonly used nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron (2) ductile iron pipes. Ductile cast iron is developed in the 1950 s a kind of high strength cast iron material, its comprehensive mechanical depression can close to steel, because the casting performance is good, low cost, easy production, has been widely used in industry. The composition of ductile cast iron is strict, compared with the grey cast iron, its carbon content is higher, usually in 4. 5% ~ 4. Change 7% scope, to facilitate the graphite spheroidizing. The tensile strength of ductile cast iron is far more than grey cast iron, and steel. So for parts under static load, the use of nodular cast iron is save than cast steel materials, and the lighter weight. Different of nodular cast iron matrix, and the performance difference is very big, nodular cast iron has good fatigue strength, experiments show that the torsion fatigue strength of ductile iron, even more than 459 steel. In practice, most of the parts under dynamic load is perforated or with the shoulder, and so made some important nodular cast iron to replace the steel parts, such as crankshaft, connecting rod and camshaft etc. (1) of grey cast iron. The organization of the grey cast iron by graphite and matrix of two parts. Matrix can be ferrite, pearlite and ferrite bead light body, a steel group. So we can see the organization of the cast iron is distributed the graphite on the steel substrate. Grey cast iron including ordinary grey cast iron of FI and gave birth to two kinds of cast iron. Grey cast iron is cheap, the most widely used in the production of all kinds of cast iron, grey cast iron of 80. O % above. The factors influencing the microstructure and mechanical properties of grey cast iron are mainly chemical composition and cooling rate. Grey cast iron of carbon, silicon content in general control in carbon 2. 5% ~ 4. 0%, silicon. 0% ~ 3. 0%.
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