The point - cast iron welding process Dongguan nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2020-11-03
Cast iron is mainly composed of iron, carbon and silicon in the alloy. In these alloys, carbon content than in the eutectic temperature can retain quantity in the austenitic solid solution. Today the dongguan ductile iron cast iron welding process will come to tell you about the point. Cold welding: by covering and core transition alloy elements, adjusting the chemical composition of weld metal, improve the weld ability of graphitization. As appropriate to improve the content of C, Si, add a small amount of Ti, Re, can strengthen the weld graphitization, refine graphite. Hot welding, half hot welding: 1, preheating and slow cooling after welding can effectively prevent the formation of white and hardening organization. 2, improve the weld heat input, use large diameter welding, large current and continuous welding, reduce the cooling rate. Above is about the main points of the cast iron welding process, the hope can help you. Small make up said to everyone here today, want to know more information, please attention the dongguan nodular cast iron, small make up regularly update information for everyone.
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