The present situation of the ductile iron pipe ductile cast iron pipe is the essence of nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2020-11-29
Because of nodular cast iron pipe is the nature of the iron and steel performance, so called nodular cast iron pipe. Spherical graphite in ductile iron pipe manufacturers, the graphite particle size is 6 - 7. In terms of quality, it is recommended that the cast iron pipe nodulizing grade control in 1 - Level 3, spheroidization rate & ge; 80%. As a result, the mechanical properties of the material itself got promoted, with the performance of the nature of the iron and steel. Ductile iron pipes after sintering microstructure of ferrite and a small amount of pearlite. It has good mechanical properties, so also known as cast iron pipe. In 1947, H. Morrough found after exit cerium in hypereutectic gray cast iron, when its content is less than 0. 02 wt %, the spherical graphite. In 1948, A. P。 Ganganebin et al. Researchers in America claim that magnesium in cast iron out, again out of ferrosilicon, when magnesium residual amount is less than 0. 4 wt %, the spherical graphite can be obtained. Since then, ductile cast iron on large-scale industrialized production. The use of cast iron pipe history can be traced back to 1668, when an oil pipeline from the Seine to Versailles in Paris suburb was about 21. 14 kilometers. 300 years later, in addition to the part of the pipeline and plug repair and replacement, the subject is still in use.
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