The primary method of stainless steel investment casting mirror processing

by:XEX     2021-03-09
Stainless steel investment castings' target='_blank'>casting mirror processing of main methods in the process of stainless steel precision casting production, sulfuric acid oxidation film is the important factors influencing the oxidation film pure transparent stainless steel castings. Stainless steel precision casting porosity, purity, thickness and seal quality directly affect the mirror effect of the casting. Stainless steel precision casting in the oxide film contains many impurities, the low purity and transparency will decline. The impurity in the oxide film is mainly derived from stainless steel castings, some from oxidation tank. Therefore, can reduce the content of alloy element in the castings as soon as possible. Basic process required equipment are: stainless steel precision casting precision casting wax injector, ice water machine, air conditioner, leaching pulp barrels, sanding machine, air conditioner, dewaxing furnace, dehumidifier, bucket, static pressure barrel, machinery AR etc. M and automatic concentrated wax supply system. Molten sintering furnace, post-treatment of takanami furnace shell, impact machine, cutting machine, grinding machine, sandblasting machine, deoxidization machine, heat treatment furnace, punch press, maintenance, pneumatic grinding machine, argon arc welding machine, grinding machine, the product insurance - Spectrophotometer, 3 d, etc. These are quite common. If you need advanced vacuum pouring furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace or x-rays. Stainless steel output is relatively stable in the precision casting, alloy steel and special steel quality, variety, performance, and constantly improve the proportion. Used in a variety of refining technology and new technology to develop new cast steel materials, and can improve the strength and toughness of materials and special performance. Precision casting, precision casting, dongguan precision foundry, precision casting process, the dongguan precision foundry, stainless steel precision casting: WWW. ggStupj。 com
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