The problems in the process of precision casting and classification type

by:XEX     2020-11-18
For precision castings' target='_blank'>casting, because it is one of the key words in the website, it is necessary to study in the specific requirements of reach the level of comprehensive and concrete. Then, based on this, from the current perspective, the degree of learning is not up to standard, it is necessary to continue to work, therefore, is not a matter of time, immediately, the explanation is as follows. 1. Precision casting, manufacturing processes, precision casting? Why it can be used in the production of thin wall castings? The manufacturing process of precision casting is a precision casting process, it is certain and sure, without a doubt, precision casting, and can be referred to as the precision casting. For thin wall castings, because in this kind of casting, mold shell preheat for high temperature, in the process of casting metal solidification speed is slow, so is suitable for thin wall castings. 2. Precision casting need heat treatment? Stainless steel can be used for precision casting? Heat treatment is necessary, precision castings casting it to the actual situation and specific requirements. If you want to further improve the performance of the castings can be achieved by heat treatment. But, must choose reasonable materials, select the appropriate process, can achieve good effect. Stainless steel is a kind of material can be cast in the precision casting, so on this question, the answer is yes, precision casting is often referred to as the casting stainless steel castings. 3. If a large number of production of precision casting, we should pay attention to? For small castings, what type? In mass production if the production of precision castings, must pay attention to use the appropriate advanced modeling and core methods to improve the work efficiency, so as to obtain the high quality product. For the classification of small-sized castings, generally there are two types of horizontal and vertical classification.
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