The processing technology of the ductile iron process - Nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2020-12-20
Nodular cast iron can be modified through all kinds of heat treatment, can be used in almost all major industries. These departments require high strength, ductility, toughness, wear resistance, resistance to severe heat and mechanical shock, high or low temperatures and tolerance. Corrosion and dimensional stability. Spherical graphite casting is widely used cast iron material. Carbon precipitation in the form of graphite in cast iron. If precipitation form of graphite is stripe, known as gray cast iron or grey cast iron, and in the form of the worm cast iron is called the worm cast iron. When the flocculent code called white cast iron or iron, cast iron spherical cast iron is called the nodular cast iron pieces. 1, the chemical composition of strict requirements, the original iron liquid required higher than that of gray cast iron, carbon and silicon content reduces the manganese in ductile iron, phosphorus and sulfur content. 2, the temperature of the molten iron is higher than the temperature of the gray cast iron, to compensate for the process of nodulizing and temperature of molten iron loss. 3, through spheroidizing agent is added to the molten iron for spheroidized. 4, shandong ductile iron castings liquidity is poorer, shrinkage is bigger, so you need a higher pouring temperature and the larger size of pouring system, reasonable application of riser and chill, in a sequential solidification principle. 5, for heat treatment. Above is the processing technology of ductile cast iron, I believe you look after the nodular cast iron has a new understanding. Want to know more related information, please continue to focus on this web site, small make up regularly to update the related content.
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