The quality examination of the ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-11-28
Ductile cast iron pipe quality inspection 1, tooling management, mold should be very good repair and maintenance, can't with obvious defects, so as not to affect the surface of the pipe quality. 2, production capacity, there should be a large enough warehouse to store the routine use of fitting, the inspection record of purchaser shall attach importance to this problem. Ability to timely delivery is very important. 3, material use should be stable and clean. Some manufacturers use recycled materials to reduce costs too much, will inevitably lead to quality problems. 4, pipe weight control system, the process shall guarantee the tolerance of the weight of the pipe in the standard range. 5, size detection, each the size of the pipe should be checked using a standard measuring tool, in order to meet the prescribed tolerance. 6, hydrostatic test, each pipe fittings, regardless of its size, pipe diameter, water pressure test shall be conducted or equivalent effect test. 7, anticorrosive layer, the thickness of the internal and external anticorrosive coating shall meet the requirements of the standard.
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