The quality of ductile iron pipe is determined by what

by:XEX     2020-11-28
As the name implies flexible nodular cast iron pipe quality is decided by what? Is of course silicon content determines the quality of ductile iron pipes, silicon content on mechanical properties of ductile iron pipes, such as silicon can change the size of graphite ball, distribution and roundness, can refine graphite ball, matrix plasticity and enhances the strength; Silicon can promote cementite decomposition in the process of annealing, generate ferrite, to improve the plasticity and ductility of the ductile iron pipes, Silicon can be dissolved in the iron and reinforced metal matrix, improve the hardness and strength of the nodular cast iron pipe. So silicon mainly took the form of inoculation of nodular cast iron pipe and into. In order to better play to the role of the silicon, silicon in production in the form of three times of joining: first first the spheroidizing inoculation in package, followed by the stream inoculation, and then the pipe die powder. And the three breeds with instantaneous inoculation effect is best, so before spheroidizing inoculation in package silicon furnace to conditioning to an appropriate amount, by the experiment results show that silicon furnace generally transferred to 0. 8 - 丨. 2%, if furnace silicon transferred to below zero. 8 ^ in spheroidizing package will add more inoculant, the ductile iron pipes after spheroidizing of iron liquid cooling is too big, bad for casting; If the silicon transferred to higher than 丨 inside the furnace. 2%, join in the spheroidizing package inoculant will decrease relatively, so low inoculation effect will be greatly reduced, and silicon in the high temperature furnace will be burning, the reaction equation of 51 + 2 ^ 01 = 5102 results will make the pipes in the silicon reduction, affect the casting pipe mechanical properties. On the other hand, with the rapid growth of China's economy, people's quality consciousness has been enhanced. Water supply enterprises are also dropped the idea of some short-term benefits for old ideas, more and more aware of the importance of long-term investment benefit, the quality requirements of pipes is more and more is also high. Through the joint efforts of both sides of supply and demand, I believe that our pipe industry has a more brilliant tomorrow.
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