The removal of the ductile iron parts surface processing residues - Ductile casting

by:XEX     2021-03-31
The casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, cast metal preparation, mold preparation and casting processing. Casting metal refers to the casting of metal materials used for pouring castings in production, it is a kind of metal elements as the main components, and join other metal or nonmetal elements and composition of the alloy, traditionally known as the casting alloy, mainly has cast iron, cast steel and nonferrous alloy casting. We're bound to surface after the processing residues, small make up today is to teach you how to remove residues on the surface of the ductile casting. Can directly by cleaning, dust removal is nodular cast iron piece of appearance, because it is where there is dirt on production, so there will be dust casting also is very normal. Although nodular cast iron pieces of the dust can remove water or alkali solution, note, however, if there is a dust adhesion need cleaning with high pressure water or steam. Not only that, through effective cleaning method can remove the appearance of ductile iron casting processing floating iron powder or embedded iron, these free iron don't keep clear of in time, will become the main culprit of a iron corrosion. In addition to the above several residues to clear clean, scratches on the surface of the ductile iron parts processing, rusty spot also to clean up. But the water clean alone is not enough, also need to adopt mechanical means, such as grinding, polishing, etc. , to restore smooth surface to nodular cast iron pieces. In the process of ductile iron casting processing, for some technique has not been applied widely, make the casting quality can not meet the certain requirements. But with microporous surface after impregnation technology, many problems can be solved properly, which can produce ideal of nodular cast iron forming parts. Above is about ductile casting processing surface residue of cleaning method, hope can help to everybody. Want to know more like an information please continue to focus on this web site, small make up regularly update information for everyone.
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