The role of rockwell hardness tester in nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2021-02-19
The role of rockwell hardness tester in nodular cast iron rockwell hardness tester is also used in the hardness test of cast iron. Every grain finer artifacts, if there is no enough area for brinell hardness test, also can undertake rockwell hardness test, the pearlitic malleable iron, chilled cast iron and steel, can use HRB or HRC scale, if the material is not even, should measure several readings, take the average. Rockwell hardness tester is fast, convenient, small indentation, can directly test the finished artifacts, suitable for the batch production of finished or semi-finished workpiece inspection one by one. In acid nodular cast iron, the production of rare earth high silicon ductile iron than ordinary high silicon cast iron of small, uniform, dense, as a result, the corrosion resistance increased by 10% ~ 90%, and its mechanical strength has improved significantly.
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