The solidification characteristics of nodular cast iron, casting performance and characteristics of the casting process

by:XEX     2020-12-21
In QT production, only according to the solidification characteristics of cast iron, casting performance characteristics make the reasonable casting process, reduce the waste can be ensured, and obtain a sound casting. A, QT suspected solid features compared with gray cast iron, nodular cast iron has big supercooling degree, eutectic transformation temperature range wide, completely solidification time needed for long ( The paste solidification) , eutectic group number, etc. 1, the eutectic transformation due to under the greater degree of supercooling spheroidizing elements magnesium and rare earth are strong desulphurization, deoxidation, to gas and removing impurity elements, after spheroidizing treatment, to purify the molten iron, reducing the crystallization in heterogeneous core, thus make the eutectic transformation under the larger degree of supercooling. 2, wide range of eutectic transformation temperature in ductile iron, think early in direct contact with liquid iron graphite grow up to a certain size, instead of austenite shell surrounded, but the later period, is surrounded by the austenite shell, so that with the thickening of austenite shell, carbon atoms in the liquid to spread on graphite is difficult. Therefore must rely on lower temperature, and constantly forming new graphite core, so that the eutectic transformation in a wide range of temperatures. With experimental determination, under certain conditions of nodular cast iron eutectic transformation temperature range for 46 ˚ C, and gray cast iron was only 16 ˚ C. Long 3, eutectic transformation due to QT eutectic transformation is done in a large temperature range, the surface after casting solidification completely solidified layer growth is slow, long time. About 1/6 of the same period only the equivalent of gray cast iron. As shown in figure 3 - 22 for the use of HT and pour out the method the comparison of QT solidification process. When 60 s after casting, grey cast iron has all solidification, and nodular cast iron surface solidification shell has not yet fully formed.
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