The solidification characteristics of nodular cast iron, secretly tell you! - Nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2020-12-20
Ductile casting is a casting process, are now made from rare earth magnesium nodulizing agent, cupola and grey are the same. In order to guarantee good spheroidizing, to control the content of sulfur and phosphorus lower. Considering the temperature loss, the temperature of the molten iron should be higher than grey. So, the solidification characteristics of nodular cast iron do you know? In nodular cast iron, the graphite spheres, graphite precipitation after began to absorb graphite, around the surrounding liquid because w ( C) Decreased and austenite and will make them more solid graphite surrounded; Because of the graphite ball in austenite, surrounded only absorbs carbon from austenite is relatively limited, and the carbon in the liquid through a solid spreading graphite ball speed is slow, surrounded by the austenite and limits its growth; So, even if a lot of carbon equivalent is higher than gray cast iron nodular cast iron, ductile iron graphitization is difficult, as a result, there is not enough graphitizing expansion to offset the solidification shrinkage; Therefore, ductile cast iron is prone to shrinkage cavity. In addition, the package of graphite austenite layer thickness is generally graphite ball size 1. Four times, that is to say, the greater the spherical graphite austenite layer is thick, liquid carbon by austenite transferred to the difficulty of the graphite ball. The root cause of low silicon ductile cast iron is easy to produce white also lies in the way of solidification of nodular cast iron. As mentioned above, because of nodular cast iron graphitization is difficult, there is not enough to cast the crystallization latent heat generated by the graphitization in release increases with the degree of supercooling, graphite to precipitate was formed cementite. In addition, nodular cast iron inoculation recession fast, one of the factors is easily happened too cold. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of the product quality is stable.
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