The use of silicasol precision casting production and processing technology

by:XEX     2021-01-28
In foundry industry friends at work is very clear, the colloidal silica is also called revestment castings' target='_blank'>precision casting, precision casting production and processing technical is the drilling or less is no forging process of drilling, silicasol precision casting are casting with excellent production technology in the industry. Silicasol precision casting not only apply to a variety of types, all kinds of aluminum alloy forging, when it is applied in the technical specifications of processing production out of the casting precision and surface quality are all much higher than the other way of forging, and then other forging method is difficult to cast the multifarious, it is not easy to production and processing and heat resistant castings. If one would like to manufacture the appearance looks very simple commodity, and the specification is not very big, the size precision of goods, high people can first choose aluminum or use forged alloy steel to production and processing. Application of steel grinding tool, has the advantage of low prices of raw materials, defect is abrasive is relatively heavy, and the rules of production and processing have had to. For some more strenuous manual labor. Like multifarious, precision is high and commodity specification is very big, can consider the application of silica sol precision casting, relativity steel template, the advantages of aluminum alloy template is the most light quality, for production and processing of grinding tool CNC blade is not high. Perhaps, the cost of raw materials is a bit high. Like multifarious, silicasol precision casting foundry of the specifications of the thing itself is not quite big, the precision of goods, not to be able to consider the application of aluminum frame do tin bismuth. Tin bismuth abrasive net weight is relatively heavy, because with bismuth, but for making complex grinding tool, make speed, and saves the cost of machining.
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