The whole process of stainless steel precision casting

by:XEX     2021-03-06
The whole process of stainless steel precision casting precision casting dongguan will effectively manufacturing moulds according to the different shapes. The cast of the product can effectively divided into upper die and lower die, and the integration process through milling, etching, edm, etc. Pits the shape and size of the consistent with the product side. Dongguan precision foundry production of the first layer of fine sand under the set temperature dry naturally, but will not affect the shape of the wax models in change. Natural wind drying time depends on the internal complexity of the product itself. For the first time of pouring air drying time is about 5 ~ 8 hours. Dongguan precision casting will effectively fix the baking process effectively in the mold, then sand drying process of wax models effectively to its special heating furnace, metal enclosed for industrial wax melting point is not high, the temperature is about 150. Lost wax casting method has two kinds: solid model, Solid Mold) The method and the ceramic shell mold ( 陶瓷壳型) Method, the improved method of the latter to the former. Ceramic shell mould method with solid type until the wax production mode method is the same, just in a moistening slurry and spray sand ( Or float sand) Later, not BaoMo operations, but repeatedly and moistening slurry spray sand, until get the shell thickness. Dry flow, heating, melting wax, high temperature heating again pouring, the method for the lost wax precision casting industry is widely used, because it has the following advantages: ( 1) Process can be partial automation to save manpower, increase production rate ( 2) The production cost is low, 3) With thin ceramic shell mold, high cooling rate after pouring castings and evenly, so its better mechanical properties. ( 4) Better dimensional stability
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