The working principle of cast iron valve is worth!

by:XEX     2020-11-04
Believe in dongguan pig iron casting factory must know cast iron valve, understand the work of the cast iron valve is willing to help you better use pressure reducing valve! Next xin, Nicholson foundries take you understand the working principle of cast iron valve! Pressure of compressed air for P1, from left side input after 10 throttling valve, pressure drop for P2 output. The size of the P2 can be adjusted by a pressure regulating spring 2, 3. The knob clockwise 1, compression spring, 2, 3, 8 down and diaphragm may make the valve core, valve mouth opening of 10 P2 increase. 1 if counterclockwise rotation knob, opening of valve port 10 is reduced, the P2 is less. Transient rise if P1, P2 will then increases, the diaphragm chamber pressure within 6, on the diaphragm may produce thrust increases accordingly, the thrust destroy the balance of the original force, make the diaphragm move up 5, there are a few flows through the overflow hole 12, 11 exhaust vent. In the diaphragm up at the same time, because of the role of the reset spring 9, 8 also makes the valve core moving up and down inlet valve mouth 10, throttling effect, make the output pressure drop, until reaching a new equilibrium, output pressure basic back to the original value. If the instantaneous input pressure drop, the output pressure decline, diaphragm down 5, 8 with the valve core down, intake valve opening 10 up, throttling effect is reduced, the output pressure is basically back to its original value. The knob counterclockwise to 1. Relax the regulating spring 2, 3, gas effect on the diaphragm 5 thrust is greater than the pressure regulating spring force, diaphragm upward curve, by the reset spring will close the inlet valve function of 10. Rotate knob 1 again, the top of the inlet valve core 8 4 will release with the overflow valve seat, diaphragm chamber via the overflow hole 12, six of compressed air vent discharge, the valve is in a state without output. In short & hellip; … Adjust the spring can make the output pressure changes within a certain scope. Above in order to prevent overflow valve outside of a small amount of gas on the surrounding environment pollution, can be used without overflow valve pressure reducing valve ( The normal pressure reducing valve) 。 When the output of the pressure reducing valve, pressure higher or larger regulating directly with pressure regulating spring, the spring stiffness is too large, flow changes, the output pressure fluctuation is bigger, the structure size of the valve will also increase. In order to overcome these shortcomings, pilot operated pressure reducing valve can be used. Pilot operated relief valve working principle and straight acting basically the same. Pilot operated relief valve used in gas, voltage regulator is made up of small supply of straight moving type relief valve. If the small straight moving type relief valve is installed inside the body, is called the internal pilot operated relief valve; If the small straight moving type relief valve is installed on the outside of the main body, is called external pilot operated pressure reducing valve. Figure 14 & ndash; 2 for the internal structure of pilot operated pressure reducing valve, compared with a straight moving type relief valve, the valve is increased by the nozzle 9 and 4, 3, fixed damper orifice gas chamber of the nozzle flapper amplification B. When the distance between the nozzle and the baffle is small change, can cause stress in the room B obvious changes, causing 10 have larger displacement of diaphragm, and 6 to control valve core to move up and down, the intake valve opening up or down, improves the sensitivity of control valve core, which improved the precision of voltage regulation. It works the same as the straight acting. On the outside of the main body and a small straight moving type relief valve ( At the end of the diagram shows) , is controlled by it to the main valve. This kind of valve is suitable for sizing in more than 20 mm, long distance, Within 30 m) , high, danger, difficulty regulating occasions. Setter is a kind of high precision pressure reducing valve, mainly used for the pressure setting value. There are two pressure specifications of the setter: the air pressure is 0, respectively. 14 mpa and 0. 35 mpa, output pressure range respectively 0 & ndash; 0. 1 mpa and 0 0. 25MPa. The output pressure fluctuation is not more than 1% of the maximum pressure, air pressure is used to need to supply accurate and signal pressure situations, such as pneumatic experimental equipment, pneumatic automatic device, etc. It consists of three parts: part 1 is Lord of the straight moving type relief valve closed; 2 is a constant pressure drop device, equivalent to a certain differential pressure reducing valve. Main function is to make the nozzle to get stable air flow; Part 3 is the nozzle baffle device and regulating, regulating and stress amplification effect, use is magnified by its pressure to control the main valve parts. Setter in A non-working state, the air input of the compressed air after filtering filter 1 into A room and huotang legally. The main valve core 19 20 and air pressure down in spring on the seat, make the room A and B room disconnect. To enter A room air flow through the valve of the mouth ( Also known as valve) 12 to F room, 13 after decompression, through constant orifice into the G and D chamber, respectively. Because at this time has not yet been 8 strength of diaphragm, damper between 5 and 4 nozzle spacing is bigger, when air flows out from the nozzle 4 air flow resistance is small, G and D chamber air pressure is low, diaphragm keep original position 3 and 15. Into the room only trace gases mainly through B chamber through the valve port 2 discharge from the vent; Another part from outlets emptying. Outlet at this time, no air output, the nozzle flow and emptying of trace gases are necessary to maintain nozzle baffle device work, for it is no power consumption volume, so I hope its consumption as small as possible. Setter are in a state of work, turn the handle 7, presses the spring 8 along with baffle 5 6 diaphragm and push down, baffle 5 and 4 space narrow nozzle, air resistance increase, the G and D chamber pressure increases. Diaphragm in 16 D under the action of chamber pressure down, turn off the valve port 2, and promote the main valve core 19 down, open the valve port, room by room B and H by compressed air outlet output.
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