Time control of spheroidal graphite cast pipe casting

by:XEX     2020-12-24
Ductile casting pipe casting time control of ductile casting tube furnace temperature rapid rise to 950 ℃ for 2 ~ 3 h after heat preservation, and then stop heating, after temperature down to about 820 ℃, then can control electric furnace with 10 ~ 15 ℃ / h temperature drop rate of temperature drop to 700 ~ 720 ℃, and the temperature insulation 4 ~ 6 h ( Workpiece thickness of the heat preservation time should be longer and longer) After boiler stop, workpiece visible on the furnace cooling or out in the still air cooling to room temperature ( For pearlite matrix, meet the performance requirements for machining) 。 Nodular cast iron tube of high chromium cast iron in concrete production, if the processing workpiece shape is relatively simple, relatively rapid annealing process may be adopted, namely the temperature to 950 ℃ and heat preservation boiler stop after 3 h, after with the furnace cooled to about 400 ℃, and then open the oven door, continue to cool to below 300 ℃, the workpiece can be released air cooling. Ductile iron pipe annealing can be carried out after the high chromium cast iron workpiece machining, because of the high chromium white cast iron during quenching size much smaller than cast steel and gray cast iron, generally do not need to correct size, for according to technology requirements for grinding workpiece grinding quantity can be small.
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