Type A flexible interface cast iron pipe sewage pipe installation

by:XEX     2021-04-03
Type A flexible interface casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe 1 sewage pipe installation. According to construction drawing proofreading reserved pipe hole size, if it is stuck between precast concrete floor need to cut the hole of the floor slab, should mark down, alignment between tag chisel. For hamstring, must seek permission from the civil construction group related personnel, according to the specified requirements. 2. Riser inspection hole position installed according to design requirements, such as drainage pipe should be hidden, appropriate in each layer is set on the riser inspection door, in order to do water test. 3. Appropriate of riser each section set a fixed card, competent and catchment are must be set at a fixed card, generally 2 - on each floor Three, fixed with steel production according to the requirement of the water supply and drainage standard atlas S161 kind of. Riser installation should cooperate with up and down, a person from the upper suspension wire tube hole, another person will toggle on the upper, expressive parts of the prefabricated piping flange gland and aprons in order set on the socket, the drop-down will stand pipe socket inserted into the socket. 4. Pipe inserted into the socket, the person of the lower left riser and check the mouth direction alignment, the top of the pipe in the floor hole with wedge temporary card prison, straightening, pull out 5 - the pipeline from the socket 10mm。 Review the perpendicularity of the riser, the riser fixed on wall body fixed card, superior gland and aprons, fastening pipe. 5. High-rise buildings using auxiliary ventilation tube, pipe connections can be assisted ventilation. 6. Riser after the installation, dismantling temporary support of the floor slab, cooperate with civil use not less than the concrete floor slab label will holes layered windowsill, high-rise building or a pipe shaft should be made from steel according to the requirements of design or atlas fixator.
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