Type A flexible interface of cast iron pipe layer - trunk sewer installation - Plumbing installation

by:XEX     2021-04-02
Type A flexible interface of cast iron pipe layer - trunk sewer installation - Plumbing installation socket (1) the prefabricated pipe section water his direction from the outlet to the indoor installation sequence. By piping specifications and slope load floor fixed card, will slowly into the holder, prefabricated pipe section plugging outlet, the clamp hoop for end of the nut, according to the coordinates and elevation of the construction drawings to find a good position and slope, and the reserve the direction of the nozzle, connected the pipe socket, will now pipe socket fell to the bottom of the socket, with a pencil draw a line along the socket on the socket, then jack according to pull out 3 - pencil line 5毫米,( Summer 2 - 3毫米) Clearance, obligate pipes. Diction will pipe straightening, alignment, before connecting flange sealing surface should be clean, aprons, pipe flange order set on a socket, choose the bolt model matching, the pipeline bolt tightening by root, guarantee flange end face with vertical pipe, flange pad levelled. Fastening bolt to symmetric cross order, two or three times on tight, in order to make sure the flange gasket stress even, at the same time to ensure that the flange type closely, tighten the screw nut is not less than two button thread, at the same time is not greater than the bolt diameter is advisable. (3) gas pipelines, and then the riser and the first layer of sanitary ware reserve drainage pipe, according to the indoor horizon, coordinate axis and looking for good measure, and meet the required level, will provide temporary blocking nozzle. (4) according to the construction drawing to coordinate, elevation and pipeline laying good self-checking, obligate nozzle sizes do water test, when confirmed by the relevant inspection qualified, and fill the water test records and concealed work acceptance record, concealed engineering acceptance formalities. 5] pipeline system after the acceptance of the hidden, temporary plugging the reserved nozzle, cooperate with civil engineering in the hole, installed in the riser.
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