Under the condition of complex artificial installation technology of large diameter ductile iron pipes ( A)

by:XEX     2021-01-21
2, analysis in project construction preparation, the pipe installation condition is relatively complex, this article through field survey and exploration, mainly manifested in the following respects: ( 1) Space is narrow, partial to filter through the overflow pipe well with the original factory, in the middle of the row Wells location, the distance is only 1 for pipeline. 55 meters, resulting in the tube, the welding is very difficult. ( 2) The narrower road, new pipe trench between the edge and the original filter only a dirt path. 8 meters, crane, cars were unable to march into the, can only be used under the artificial tube, install, bring great difficulty to the construction. ( 3) New filter south-pointing 48 ') with the old factory close to backwash drainage pipe adjacent to protect the pipe, the filter in the excavation of foundation pit with steel sheet pile to its support. The DN1400 pipeline to the steel sheet pile support location, so in the demolition, trench excavation, supporting for the pipe is very important. ( 4) Filter of the old plant is unknown locations of leakage, groundwater along the edge of foundation pit is linear seepage, so must pay attention to in construction process of continuous drainage, and groove to water treatment. In view of the above situation, in the preparation of construction scheme to owner, design institute, suggested there will use the socket type nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe, on the one hand, in a narrow space is under construction, on the other hand also strengthened the pipeline corrosion resistant ability of 1, the engineering general situation of DN1400 nodular cast iron water pipe is nanjing waterworks shibei estuary 300000 tons of expansion project of a component. Is tap water production process in the Yangtze river water after flocculation precipitation by flocculating settling basin to quick filter of a water pipe road, is located in the north of the new filter, is of the largest diameter in the north river water plant expansion project of the cast iron pipe, is also one of the most complex piping conditions throughout the project. Pipe length 51 m, for their tube, the design flow of 3. 5立方米/秒。
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