Urban water supply, drainage, gas transmission projects involve ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2021-03-12
Urban water supply, drainage, involve ductile iron pipes in gas engineering in the low pressure pipe network, ductile iron pipe is safe and reliable operation, low breakage rate, convenient construction and maintenance, quick, anti-corrosion performance, etc. These advantages also decided to it in the water supply, drainage, gas occupies a certain very good position in engineering, and also to let our sales more expanded, we will use our most sincere service, open and we are one step closer to the market. Ductile iron pipes are widely used in urban water supply, drainage, gas transmission project. Ordinary cast iron pipe and steel pipe corrosion resistance strength, toughness, its weight lighter than cast iron pipe with diameter 1/2 - A third, close to steel tube, but its corrosion resistance is several times higher than steel pipe. In various environment, therefore, ductile iron pipe don't have to do special anticorrosive processing, can be directly buried in the ground. Cement mortar lining of the nodular cast iron pipe in actual use should have sufficient torque. Cement mortar with nodular cast iron pipe close to 2 mpa, is four times that of cement mortar with steel tube densely focus on. At the same time, lined with cement mortar roughness coefficient is low, small flow resistance, equivalent to that of glass steel pipe and plastic pipe. As a common way of water supply pipe material, interface have a lot of kinds, the most commonly used is sliding into type 'T' type flexible ( Rubber) Interface, this interface construction of low cost, convenient installation, good sealing. And allowed the pipeline has a certain Angle, which greatly convenient for some special section of pipeline construction. Have been using the DN (long time ago 100-400) Mm 'T' type into type flexible interface nodular cast iron tube as the main water supply pipe, use effect is good. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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