Used for space navigation system of complicated thin-walled high-quality precision casting parts

by:XEX     2021-01-29
In the tin case Ma Lingen madoff from a music company with the Netherlands TNO institute jointly developed a navigation system for space shell structure is extremely complex. From the music company made the parts precision casting process. The extreme thin wall castings meet due to the integration of a variety of functions in structural requirements, achieve the highest degree of lightweight and economical manufacturing process. Based on the above reasons, the high quality made of high-strength aluminum alloy one-piece precision casting ( As shown) Won the European aluminum industry award for the aerospace and automotive categories of special award. Because of this precision casting parts in the dynamic and static state will be able to withstand high tensile load, from the music company in the manufacturing process used the technology that is protected by patent Sophia. Sophia process derived from traditional precision casting technology, model can be quickly combined cold cutting and casting of unidirectional solidification. Because the precision casting method has cost advantages, precision casting method in the cost analysis and comparison of more and more attention. So far, no any kind of casting process can like precision casting method can achieve almost unlimited design degrees of freedom. Through suitable for the structure design of precision casting method, the enterprise can be achieved in other ways, or at least cannot be achieved with low cost to technical solutions, therefore, precision casting method is widely applied in aviation and medical technology, while in the field of auto precision casting method to produce turbocharger turbine blades.
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