V dry cylinder diesel engine cylinder casting process design

by:XEX     2021-04-03
In recent years, along with our country economy and the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, the domestic truck, engineering machinery and other industries to flourish, along with the engine to develop in the direction of high-power, high performance, for diesel engine cylinder block is also put forward higher testimonies. To make our products win the advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition, the company developed a V diesel engine. Cylinder block as an important parts of diesel engines, especially V diesel engine, with complex degree is high, the production is difficult, the characteristics of the casting quality is difficult to control. Using V dry cylinder liner structure, sand core structure is more complex, difficult to locate, precision of cylinder block casting process development is one of the difficult points of the diesel engine's development. Through the analysis of the cylinder block structure, in view of the v-shaped cylinder block water jacket core, tappet core and cover board core of technical difficulties, eventually determine the cylinder block USES the v-shaped Angle upward core and pouring process. This convenient overall core group of core technology, the overall core set of reverse damage to sand core displacement, and at the same time guarantee the pouring process tappet and water jacket core deformation is small, the exhaust unobstructed, implements the v-shaped dry cylinder liner cylinder block smooth development of precision casting process. Casting gating system design for cylinder block outline size 816 x845x560 ( LxWxH毫米) , due to the cylinder block overall level is not high, according to the analysis of characteristics of cylinder block structure, determine the way down the bottom of the bearing wall, according to the casting 3 d model, using three dimensional design software, design of cylinder block casting process. The bottom note type gating system, liquid iron in type MAO rise smoothly, which can effectively avoid metal spatter, is advantageous to the type of MAO in gas discharge sequence. Foundry CAE simulation using precision casting CAE simulation software, process feasibility validation. Through precision casting stress, the filling and solidification simulation analysis of the observation in the process of casting metal stationarity, predict liquid metal in the resin sand mould MAO may arise during the filling and solidification process of precision casting defects such as cracks, porosity, shrinkage.
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