W mechanism above ground drainage system installed

by:XEX     2021-04-03
W mechanism above ground drainage system installation process: 1, the interface installer (1) the outlet pipe outside surface scrub clean. (2) stainless steel clamp, first set a pipe on one side of the interface. (3) the outer wall of pipe interface with some soap water as a lubricant, one end of the rubber ring set on the pipe interface ( Is usually set in the fixed tube or pipe fittings this end) And should be set up to install ( The main rubber water stop belt) Prescribed depth (4) the other side of the rubber ring to reverse it. (5) to connect the pipes or reverse straight tube into the rubber ring, calibration, and another tube end interface to squeeze, the reverse rubber ring mouth going back to normal state. 6 once again that the slope of the calibration pipe, vertical degree, bearing, preliminary branch ( Crane) Moving to hold the pipe, stainless steel card sets place outside the rubber ring, with a special socket torque wrench and tighten clamp bolt. For a large diameter pipe with four plywood hoop, the bolt in the middle of the tight after first, then close the outside of the clamp bolt, in all cases, cleat fastening needs continue to stainless steel tongue even tighter, until the torque wrench slide fastener, interface is done, and then ( Crane) The rack to tighten bolts, so firmly positioning. 2, piping installation process piping installation order: should be installed along the flow direction from downstream to upstream, namely: the discharge pipe riser - branch - connection accessories, sanitary ware and drainage so that you can avoid skew section to install confluence. After pipe in accordance with the field measurements, with no tooth cutting tube, cut, after the completion of outer ring of incision should be slightly chamfering, burr, inside and outside the incision should be removed to prevent scratch rubber ring, hook the sewage in the fiber, causing the water poorly. Special circumstances, can be from any one place to start the installation, then attention should be paid to the general slope and drain points up and down interface problems, prevent the elevation of dislocation. 3, operational key points: (1), horizontal pipe installation: A, stent installing rules: because the clamp centrifugal casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe connection is no socket docking, rely on the stainless steel clamp connection. Interface cannot bear is perpendicular to the axial shear force and axial tensile force, therefore, pipeline installation requirements of each root canal set up two branch ( Crane) Frame, is apart from the interface is not more than 300 mm, one for fixed bracket, a sliding support, ensure that each pipeline axial fixation, and can resist vertical shear force. If in 3. 0 m long straight tube multiple accessories worldwide connections, add a bracket (each spool Crane) Frame, and support and hanger spacing. Horizontal direction with three-way or four-way, should add a fixed bracket in the fitting parts, to prevent axial impact made pipe fittings. B, bracket installation: sure good order and position of the pipe installation, in accordance with construction drawing pipe level to determine the pipe rack specification, model, and according to the production, besmear to brush paint, according to the construction sequence number. Because there are slope drainage pipe installation, pipe length is different, not the wrong order. According to the principle of pipe installation, drainage slope direction inverse stationary ( Crane) Frame. Water drainage riser each layer should be set bracket, bracket distance should not be greater than 1. 5 m, but the height is less than or equal to 3 m can be set only when a riser bracket. Clamp the interface state control card should be located in outlet below the clamp, the flange socket type interface control card should be in below the socket, and interface clear distance should not be greater than 300 m. Every 3 m horizontal drainage pipe length should be set, steam-water two parts should be near the steam-water interface Settings ( Clamp interface card must not be set on the clamp, the flange socket interface should be located in the socket side) And the interface between the interval should not be greater than 300 mm. Cross drainage tube in the plane, the steam-water elbow should be added. Cross drainage tube starts with terminal nowhere stents or blowout prevention should be adopted fixed hanger. Cross drainage main use stents or fixed hanger, the hanger spacing should not be greater than 2 m. When horizontal length is longer than the main, to prevent pipe horizontal displacement, horizontal line segment nowhere stents or blowout prevention main hanger set spacing should be not more than 12 m. Pipe bracket or pipe shall be fixed in the beam profile, card board, or on the bearing structure. C, pipeline installation: according to the general requirements of flexible clamp centrifugal cast iron drainage pipe installation, shall be installed under flow direction. Before installing the pipe, pipe support must be installed, when an interface connection is completed, the section connected together firmly fixed on the bracket, prevent displacement deviation caused by installation. Due to pipe connection belongs to the flexible interface, and the expansion coefficient is small, do not need to set expansion compensation device. When necessary, each connection mouth allowing a small amount of deflection, but not greater than 5 0 degrees maximum deflection Angle. D, disclosure content: flexible clamp centrifugal cast iron pipe standard slope were 0. 026. This is mainly to cater to the tee, four-way, and bend Angle of water 88. 5 °, regardless of pipe diameter size are consistent tg1. 5 = 0. Continue to use the slope 026, which is also the world. If the actual amount to less than the standard gradient can be through the terminal interface deflection correction, but should not be below the specification requirements of the slope. (2) pipe installation: A, pipe support installation: set A fixed bracket, drain every 3 m should be set up between two fixed bracket A sliding bracket. The two fixed stent spacing is less than 1. 5 meters facility when the sliding bracket. Between the two interfaces should have at least a stent.
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