W type flexible interface cast iron pipe installation

by:XEX     2021-04-02
Cast iron pipe installation 1 W flexible interface. Pipe support construction. Because W smaller interface stiffness of flexible cast iron drainage pipe, pipe caused by easy deformation. Performance for the cause of vertical and horizontal tube riser slope is easy to produce larger deviation, is not conducive to the construction quality control and installation smoothly. Therefore, construction process, requirements to install pipe support, riser stand apart from the ground is 1500 - 1800 mm, riser stent spacing generally no greater than 1800 mm, need to build a floor stand, at the same time support requirements formation rules, solid and reliable. At the same time, when the building height more than 4. 5 m for stent spacing of less than 1800 mm, and even set up. Levels in the main, each section of the pipe should be set up two hanger ( Card) , location of horizontal pipe installation hanger pipe clamp should be 750 mm or less. At the bottom of the riser need reliable fixed way fixed. Can be used from elbow pipe joint, the retaining bracket, general distance elbow pipe 500 mm. W type flexible interface cast iron pipe installation process and method is the same as the type A flexible interface cast iron pipe. During the installation process, due to the structural differences, pipeline construction in the process of operation is not the same. Now details are as follows: the difference between the two. The installation of stainless steel flexible clamp ( 1) Frontier inspection straight pipe installation, pipe internal guarantee no blockage, remove the oil pollution and sundry, coupling and other fittings without distortion, crack, thread is damaged, the phenomenon such as aprons worn; ( 2) Use cotton wipe it needs to connect on the pipe end of oil and debris; ( 3) Trapping rubber ring clamp fully outside, use a screwdriver and tighten the clamp bolt. Adjust the pipe installation of vertical degree, and plugging in the floor of the mouth of the cave. Because W type flexible cast iron drainage pipe interface stiffness is small, and easily affected by the weight of the adjacent section and migration, cause pipeline's migration and distortion, so the requirement in the process of piping installation, verticality of the pipeline to adjust in time, and after the correction of pipe vertical degree, sealing good floor of the mouth of the cave, solid pipe. ( 4) Rubber ring for remove the clamp, the clamp set into the bottom line; ( 5) The rubber trap in the pipe end, then the upper pipe set into the rubber ring, and make the pipe close contact, reserve 2 - (s) 3 mm gap, rubber ring evenly coated pipe up and down.
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