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by:XEX     2021-01-09
Pulley, belongs to the disc hub parts, general relative size is larger, general is given priority to with casting and forging manufacturing process. General size larger designed to use the method of casting, material is cast iron (generally The casting performance is good) 。 Next, explain the pulley assembly for you attention, look good! 1, the last time before assembly must use gasoline cleaning, in order to make sure all the parts clean and dry, cooperate closely and no oil so as to ensure the matching surface, there is enough friction. 2 before assembly by turning the hex bolt, erection and application of gasoline cleaning and dry, not in a bolt or screw hole lubricating oil or grease, coating to ensure that the bolt fastening has enough friction self-locking ability. 3, three socket head bolts will be installed when the need to take turns to tighten, to ensure that the taper sleeve by uniform axial force, to ensure that the pulley and taper sleeve coaxial positioning is good. 4, before the installation within the check assembly measured in hex bolt length, so as to guarantee the assembly bolts can resist taper sleeve after blind hole bottom, cooperate closely to ensure the cone, and ensure the bolt by blind holes on the bottom of the reverse thrust, produces the principle of double nut locking function. 5, pulley and driven pulley stay after check and adjust the relative position, guarantee two rounds are on the same plane and moderately belt tension. 6, a pulley mask should be in good condition and installation is firm, to ensure the operation of the belt or loose pulley exit from a major security incidents. 7, taper sleeve belong to wearing parts, after long time operation, inner hole and the chain slot may be damaged, should check before every assembly, finding defects should be timely replacement of spare parts. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of the product quality is stable.
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