Water supply cast iron pipe

by:XEX     2020-11-17
Cast iron pipe water supply grey cast iron water pipe in the past often referred to as water supply cast iron pipe, water supply according to casting methods of grey cast iron tube divided into sand mould centrifugal cast iron straight and continuous cast iron pipe, centrifugal cast iron straight pipe according to the wall thickness of sand mould was divided into two levels of P and G, continuous cast iron riser LA, A and B are the three levels according to the wall thickness. These have been published on the use of various design manual has the perfect technical detail information. Water supply ductile iron pipes according to the interface in a different way is divided into K type mechanical flexible interface tube and the T type pipe socket type flexible interface. The pipe due to the effect of number of fittings are less application situation, has the basic relief, there are specializing in production of large manufacturers, accessories for domestic construction. According to the existing data, the comprehensive comparison function such as water supply ductile cast iron pipe pressure, corrosion and pipe material, excavation construction and maintenance cost and expense, actual construction to choose pipe diameter in DN200 - DN800 its advantage more prominent. Water supply cast iron pipe can work under great pressure, 0. 45 ~ 1. 00 mpa) , corrosion resistance, cheap, tube wall are bitumen coating is smooth, and therefore is widely used in external to the water pipe. But its drawback is qualitative hard and brittle, weight big, construction difficulties. 00 mpa to wait for a few kinds. Cast iron pipe joint usually has a socket type, three types of flange and flexible interface. Water supply cast iron pipe in manufacturing material divided into grey cast iron water pipe and water supply two kinds of ductile iron pipe. Due to compare with the grey cast iron water pipe water supply ductile iron pipes with high strength, large toughness, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, convenient installation, water supply ductile iron pipes has become a substitute products of grey cast iron water pipe.
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