Water supply ductile iron pipe installation should pay attention to what?

by:XEX     2020-11-17
The characteristics of the ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron water pipe is light, thin wall, high pressure, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to seismic performance. Pipeline interface using the flexible interface, and there are certain elongation and the deflection Angle. It has the advantages of cast iron pipe and steel pipe material, to avoid the shortcoming of the iron and steel. 1, trench excavation, groove bottom width should press type meter: B = + 2 (D1 b1+b2) 。 Type: B - Pipe trench excavation width (at the bottom of the mm) D1— The outside part of the pipeline structure width ( mm) b1— The face width (on one side of the pipe mm) b2— On one side of the pipe support width ( mm) 。 2, trench: according to the groove of the soil, groundwater, grooving section, factors such as the design load condition, the request is firm and reliable, to prevent landslides, stable support shall not interfere with the pipe and tube. 3, T interface pipe in a vertical or horizontal bend should set piers. Should be based on factors such as diameter, Angle, working pressure through the calculate and determine the size of piers. 4, transportation, drinking water pipeline area should not be through the toxicants, such as must be through the protective measures should be taken.
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