Water supply ductile iron pipes and drainage nodular cast iron pipe

by:XEX     2020-11-18
Water supply ductile iron pipes and drainage nodular cast iron pipe is ductile iron pipes of different USES, both used in different place, so there will be some difference. Their material is gray cast iron, but when distribution has certain difference, in the following detailed introduce for everybody. There are a lot of people are likely to cast iron still don't understand, so you also will share about the types of cast iron. Hope will help to people who are interested in. Ductile cast iron is gray cast iron in front of the melting cast iron liquid china-canada goal agent and nucleating agent, the spherical graphite, fracture are pale, codenamed QT, ball iron after heat treatment can get good mechanical properties, high strength have sex, wear resistance, and good casting performance, low prices, steel can be substituted in many places, some important also adopt nodular cast iron pipe valve shell to replace cast steel. Feed the material of nodular cast iron nodular cast iron pipe and drainage pipe for gray cast iron, with the need of water supply ductile iron pipes under pressure, commonly used HPT200, HT250 gray cast iron, nodular cast iron drainage pipe under common HT150 gray ductile iron pipes, water supply ductile iron pipes are using centrifugal casting, iron pipe surface smooth, ductile cast iron pipe, socket type, the bearing oral sex, tube wall is thicker, single tube length is 6 meters. Drainage some adopt the model casting ductile iron pipes, or a small centrifugal casting machine casting, iron pipe appearance is coarser, single tube length is 3 meters, the lighter socket, with thin wall, water supply ductile iron pipes are divided into work stress 0. 45 mpa low pressure pipe, 0. Medium pressure tube, 1 of 75 mpa. 0 mpa high-pressure pipe, water pressure test before delivery must be in accordance with the specification, qualified rear can leave the factory, nodular cast iron drainage pipe for appearance inspection and knock only listen to the sound check, no pores, cracks and breakage sound as qualified. Cast iron categories, pig iron is the carbon content in 1. More than 7% of the iron carbon alloy, which also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements, silicon, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus content, had a great influence on the quality of cast iron, cast iron carbon exists in the form of different, can be divided into white iron, grey cast iron, malleable cast iron and cast iron four categories of ink. Some of white iron carbon and iron exists in the form of FEAC, fracture is silvery white, high hardness, and is very fragile, cannot undertake machining, directly used in the industry is not much, often used for refining of malleable cast iron material. Gray cast iron with ferrite and graphite iron and carbon with part open, fracture appears grey, code-named HT, low strength of gray cast iron and plastic, but good castability antifriction, cutting good processability, low vibration and the notch sensitivity, because of the existence of graphite in gray cast iron, so the lubricity, low melting point and crystallization range is small, so the gray cast iron casting performance is good, graphite formation of cavity in the iron, and therefore have a low friction damping performance. Malleable iron is white cast iron by heat treatment and the graphite in making iron appears flocculent, code-named KT, valley called malleable iron, fracture are colored, soft texture, have sex, high intensity and a gray cast iron, commonly used for casting complex shape, thin wall thickness and pipe fittings and mechanical parts. Companies with strong technical force and first-class processing and testing equipment, in accordance with the GB/T2772 - 2008 standard, the production of centrifugal cast iron pipe and pipe fittings, compact structure, high compressive strength, uniform wall thickness, fine workmanship, the internal and external surface is smooth, variety complete, can be widely used in chemical industry, indoor and outdoor floor, building water supply and drainage engineering.
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