What about the plant size of Xin Wilson?
Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd. has advanced facilities. They are equipped with the latest automated technology and machine from some best brands of the world. They have obtained certifications of the quality control system which are issued by organizations specializing in quality control and are based on the international standard. We keep making the investment in our machinery and personnel to ensure our customers are treated to the best equipment and highly trained personnel – which is key to the success of all our projects.

In this competitive society, Xin Wilson is one of the reliable suppliers of bottle capping machine. We have the experience and expertise needed to manufacture products. We will show you the lost foam casting series that is most popular with customers. The development of XEX cast carbon steel adopts many disciplines. They are mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, dynamic machinery, numerical control technology, etc. Due to the extremely low fracture sensitivity of the ductile iron, it has high mechanical properties. Its structure is designed for maximum efficiency and easiest ongoing maintenance for the lowest total cost in both installation and everyday use. The product is characterized by good heat dissipation.

We insist on sustainability. To promote safe, secure and sustainable living and working environments, we always apply science-based safety manufacturing.
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