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by:XEX     2021-03-20
Foundry casting refers to the use of clay bonded sand for casting, molding materials production is the process method has a long history, and wide application range zui process method. Today, let's talk to foundry casting application in the accessories. Into the 21st century by popular accessories, and before it not forming is through jewelry casting can be made. “ Sand casting & throughout; When will act the role ofing is tasted the second half of the first type on the tablet, put sand filling sand compaction, leveling the type made out, will make good jewelry sand mold turn 180 degrees, put half type, parting agent, put sand, sand filling and tight, leveling, will be on the sand box turn 180 degrees, pulled out, the second half of the type, then turn 180 degrees and the combined well, ornaments made out of sand mould, wait for pouring. The process known as - - “ Jewelry casting & throughout; 。 In manufacturing jewelry sand mold, how to consider the sand box up and down separate to take out the block model, consider the molten iron from where flow, how to fill the cavity in order to get high quality castings. After sand mold is made, can casting, and the molten iron is poured into the sand mold cavity. When pouring, hot metal temperature in 1250 & ndash; 1350 degrees, melting temperature is higher. Then pass desanding, repair, and grinding process, such as to become a qualified castings. Xin, Johnson is a company specializing in the production of cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum manufacturers. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of the product quality is stable.
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