What are ductile iron pipe casting method

by:XEX     2020-12-04
Early iron pipe adopts horizontal parting surface sand mold casting, casting of iron pipe position is in the level of state, to form the inner chamber with thin and long sand core, on the whole length of the molten iron in the pipe at the same time through multiple gate into the cavity to reduce erosion of the mold and sand core by the metal, and can make the iron pipe cavity on the whole length for the same temperature of molten iron at the same time fast, evenly fill, but placed the level of sand core, in the cavity due to the weight of sand core and the molten iron buoyancy to the deflection and bending, and will make the pipes in slag hole on the whole length, the blowhole defects, so the iron pipe quality is low, can only be used for laying sewers. Next has a vertical sand mold casting method, adopting vertical parting is special sand box, iron pipe casting position and vertical, sand mold after drying, in an upright position, built-in vertical sand core, molten iron from the upper mold into the type, the production of the Soviet union had used such iron pipe laying need certain water pressure resistance of water pipes. Due to the complexity of sand mold casting iron pipe process, low production efficiency, poor working conditions, product quality is low, so nearly dozens, iron pipe of sand mold casting have been replaced by the centrifugal casting method and continuous casting method.
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