What are the characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite pipe fittings? And what are the deficiencies?

by:XEX     2020-11-08
What are the characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite pipe fittings? And what are the deficiencies? Traditional iron pipe has a large weight, short service life, easy to rust permeability, easy to scale faults; PVC water pipe ( The blue tube) Also has the strength, resistance to mechanical shock, light air permeability ( Harbor germs) And defects in aspects of aging fast, xin, Nicholson developed aluminous model multiple tube to overcome these problems the characteristics: the aluminous model multiple tube compression and USES different according to the temperature, generally divided into cold water pipe ( White) , hot water pipe ( Red) And the gas tube ( Yellow) Production process for the middle layer thin wall aluminum tube as matrix, inner and outer layer with high, medium density high quality polyethylene ( PE) With hot melt glue, to step the intense crowded so, aluminum-plastic composite pipe has never scale, never rust, not easy ageing aluminum-plastic composite pipe heat resistance can be achieved for a long time - chemical conditions 10 ° C to 90 ° C, compression capability is strong and environmental performance is outstanding, health non-toxic anti-corrosion, belongs to the green building materials construction shortcut to save time, trained by a professional installation personnel to use special tools, pressure to pressure can match special stainless steel divider with water, by each branch of aluminum-plastic tubes connect each bedroom of water need some one to one, without any middle joint, so as to form a each water point mutual noninterference of indoor water supply pipeline products: ( 1) Pipe material according to different temperature by compression to the cold water pipe and hot water pipe ( 2) Operation is not convenient, non-professional trained installation personnel construction extremely easy leaking accident ( 3) Each branch pipe diameter small, when water can't use hot water, 4) Construction when the metal pipes and plastic tubing pressure welding together, because long-term heat bilges cold shrink lead to two kinds of materials with different expansion coefficient, water will cause the resistance of silicone rubber ring rapidly aging, unable to block water after losing elasticity, viega profi-press pipe connection part deformation dislocation that cause leakage ( 5) As with special stainless steel divider, cause leaking point more [ Each use teflon tape winding water plugging silk tooth interface are potential leakage hidden trouble, a equipped with a complete set of stainless steel divider at least more than ten leaking point! ] And maintenance in the future very troublesome, 6) Use stainless steel divider of water distribution system, pipe must laid a lot, and with the specifications of the pipe price is 1 of PPR pipes. Five times, with the specifications of the pipe price is 2 ~ 10 times that of PPR pipe fittings, cost is very high, 7) When after the completion of the installation on the test will not leak, but after a long period of time, will first hot water joint leakage because of heat bilges cold shrink, this has been already use aluminous model multiple tube of consumer very headache problem summary: after numerous consumers to use for a long time, the practice proved aluminous model multiple tube is only suitable for surface mounted laid use, convenient connection problems after maintenance or replacement if buried in the wall, knock appear slack is bound to hit a wall, wall damage to decorate this kind of situation we also met a lot, mostly in the hot water out of the question first 3, 4 years later, the customer requirements we compensate all losses, both sides is very painful very nerve-racking but as a result of aluminum-plastic composite pipe has excellent corrosion resistance, very suitable for stable pressure, no temperature difference of the pipeline of pipeline gas, central air conditioning and compressed air pipeline as a result, many manufacturer of aluminous model multiple tube after can't solve the problem of pipe joint leakage, forced to follow market needs to develop and produce new upgrade replacement pipe - - P tube xin er, PR is located in the large city in the middle of * * * * * * - Entrance of wuhan city west, hanchuan textile industrial park, is one of the professional manufacturer of casting' target='_blank'>ductile pipe fittings and spare parts. Company's main: hanland pipe fittings, ductile iron pipe fittings, ductile cast iron, ductile iron pipes in 2004, the company invested nearly ten million yuan has introduced new factories and new levels of domestic EPS a vacuum mold production line, has formed four thousand tons scale, can provide users with in accordance with ISO2531 standard brick and various types of DN100 - various interfaces DN800mm of more than 3000 kinds of products, can also according to customer's need to produce all kinds of non-standard pipe fittings and accessories, the company integrating scientific research, production and service, may at any time to provide technical advice and on-site service. Company has all kinds of advanced testing equipment, well-equipped, advanced technology, in strict accordance with ISO9002 instruction system and Swiss SGSIS9002 quality system of organizing production, the production of ball pipes pieces, with its high strength, good toughness, excellent characteristics of high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, with the essence of the iron pipe steel tube performance, is a traditional cast iron pipe of updated products, widely used in water, gas and liquid gas pressure conveying, now is in most provinces, the city's urban water supply, gas supply engineering has the close relationship between supply and demand, well received by users.
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