What are the characteristics of nodular cast iron drainage pipe application process

by:XEX     2021-02-09
Ductile pipe, cast iron pipes, what are the characteristics of cast iron drainage pipe with steel framed hdpe pipe corrosion, no scaling, smooth and low resistance, thermal insulation, no wax, wear-resisting, qualitative light, such as the common characteristic of plastic pipe, and its unique structure also has created the following characteristics: ( 1) Creep performance is good, durable high mechanical strength because of the plastic in creep will happen under the action of stress and temperature under high sustained stress brittle fracture happens, so pure plastic pipe material allowable stress and bear ability is low ( Generally in 1. 0 mpa) 。 And the mechanical strength of steel is about thermal plastic plastic about 10 times, and in the use of plastic temperature range is very stable creep does not occur, the mesh steel and plastic composite, steel skeleton can effectively restrain plastic creep, make plastic itself durable intensity is greatly improved. So steel plastic composite pipe of the allowable stress than plastic tubing doubled. ( 2) Temperature resistant performance is good the strength of the plastic pipe material used in the temperature range generally decreases with temperature increase, and the temperature of 10 ℃ per improve its strength by about 10% above. Due to the strength of the steel framed hdpe pipe about two-thirds are assumed by the steel skeleton, so its strength with the increase of temperature to reduce the degree of lower than any kind of pure plastic pipe. Test results show that every 10 ℃, improve the strength of the steel framed hdpe pipe lowering below 5%. ( 3) Rigidity, good impact resistance and good dimensional stability, and there was a moderate flexibility and flexibility of steel elastic modulus is usually a high density polyethylene modulus of elasticity of about 200 times, due to the effect of strengthening of the steel frame made of steel framed hdpe pipe rigidity, impact resistance and dimensional stability is better than that of any a kind of pure plastic tubing. At the same time due to the mesh steel skeleton itself is a kind of structure, so that the pipe in shaft up also to have certain flexibility. So the tube with the characteristics of a firm, soft combination in loading and unloading, transport, installation flexibility and operation reliability is very good. The ground installation can save bearing number, the cost is low; Underground installation can be effective with caused by settlement, slip, vehicles and other sudden impact load. Small diameter tube bending can be appropriately, decorate with relief, save pipe fittings. ( 4) Small coefficient of thermal expansion due to ordinary carbon steel linear expansion coefficient of 10. 6 - 12. 2×10- 6 ( 1/℃) Pure plastic tubing, linear expansion coefficient for 10-170 x ( 1/℃) Negative skeleton, the steel framed hdpe pipe network under the constraint of the thermal expansion of composite pipe greatly improve, lower than any kind of commonly used plastic tubes. Through the test, linear expansion coefficient of 35 steel framed hdpe pipe. 4 - 35. 9×10- 6 ( 1/℃) , is only the ordinary carbon steel pipe 3 - 3. 4 times. The test results show that the average buried installation can not thermal compensation device, laying can help absorb pipes adopts winding shape ( Or release) The expansion of the effect, thus reduce installation costs. ( 5) Won't happen fast cracking pure plastic pipe especially large-diameter plastic pipe under the action of persistent annular stress at low temperature, easy generation by local defects, the stress concentration caused by the rapid cracking ( Instant hundreds of meters or km above) , so international pipe plastic rapid cracking resistance put forward very high requirements, and low carbon steel is not brittle fracture problems, the existence of the stencil make plastic deformation and stress are not to make it produce cracking elbow point quickly. So in theory there is no quick steel framed hdpe pipe cracking. ( 6) Steel, plastic two materials composite uniform back to depend on the market at present inspecting &controlling due to steel, plastic composite surface is continuous rules between interfaces. Use for a long time under the action of alternating stress, easy to take off a layer, lead to joint leaks, internal bottlenecks contraction, jam for failure. Compared with mesh structure is steel framed hdpe pipe with plastic intertwined one integrated mass, complex surface area large, irregular, two materials binding to each large and even, the stress concentration is small. ( 7) Double-sided anti-corrosion steel pipe in plastic, pipe inside and outside surface with the same resistance, abrasion resistance, inside smooth conveying resistance is small, do not scale, no wax, energy-saving effect is obvious, for geography and corrosive environment conditions are economical and convenient. ( 8) Since the tracer good due to the existence of the steel skeleton, that can use the steel framed hdpe pipe buried in the ground magnetic detection method for positioning, usually avoid damage due to other mining engineering. And the damage is the most pure plastic pipe and other non-metallic tube damage. Cast iron pipes
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