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What are the design principles of the sand treatment system for lost foam machine tool castings?

What are the design principles of the sand treatment system for lost foam machine tool castings?


  Due to the difference in the amount of sand treatment, the difference in the degree of automation required and the difference in the ambient temperature and the area make the configuration of the sand treatment also have a large difference. Therefore, the designer must follow the following principles: First, while meeting the user's production program and process quality requirements, it should also have a certain space for further development. Second, in combination with the different production characteristics and working environment of the enterprise, in the layout of the equipment, it is necessary to fully consider the rationality of the process flow, especially the casting of the lost foam machine tool must take into account the organization of the production, the maintenance of the equipment, the disposal of waste, etc. factor. It is not only conducive to production management, equipment maintenance, but also conducive to the smooth flow of logistics, effectively avoiding the intersection of bottlenecks, bringing convenience for future production arrangements and equipment maintenance.

  In the configuration of equipment, based on the principle of reliable, low-cost operation and environmental protection, in order to ensure the adaptation to the casting production process, under the premise of meeting the process quality requirements, reduce the one-time investment cost and equipment installed capacity as much as possible, and improve the reliability of the equipment. Sex, reduce the number of wearing parts, thereby reducing the operating costs of equipment, and laying a good foundation for improving the economic benefits of enterprises. The determination of sand-laying capacity and daily sand storage is an important indicator related to the investment scale of sand treatment system. Therefore, it is necessary to choose scientific, economic and reasonable factors according to the daily output of castings, daily operation shift, sandbox size and smelting equipment. Preventing excessive investment in sand treatment system, effective utilization rate is too low or can not meet the production cycle, affecting the occurrence of defects in production tasks. It is necessary to determine whether or not to use secondary cooling according to the size of the area and hour of sand treatment, and it is not necessary to uniformly increase the investment cost. According to the material of the modeling sand to determine the cooling method, for the dense material, such as Baozhu sand, suitable for the drum cooling equipment, for the density of the modeling materials, such as quartz sand, forsterite sand, etc., suitable for In boiling cooling equipment.Fully consider the user's acceptance of investment costs. When choosing the configuration of the sand treatment line, we must fully consider the factors that can ensure the production needs and allow the user to accept the capital investment.

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