What are the precision casting gating location choice principles

by:XEX     2020-11-21
The choosing principle of precision casting pouring position of what? Summarizes four content if you want to know about our company, and see it, just follow us a big plane, precision casting, casting down or tilt pouring: because when pouring hot metal on the top of the mold has a strong thermal radiation, top surface caused by sand mold expanding arch and even crack, sand inclusion, sand holes and other defects to appear big plane. Second, the importance of precision casting machining surface or main facing, or in profile: casting, metal liquid to gas, slag and cast in sand will rise, may make the upper part of the casting defects such as slag inclusion, porosity, sand holes. Three, precision casting, casting thin wall, side stand down or tilt: in order to prevent the castings of thin-wall parts produce cold insulation, casting defects, should put the thin wall at the bottom of the casting with larger area, or to make it in the wall or tilted position. Four most, precision casting, casting thickness should be on the top or in the parting surface profile main purpose is to facilitate the thick place for feeding riser. Precision casting gating location selection principle is above these content, about precision casting question can be consulting our company.
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