What are the problems need pay attention to precision casting

by:XEX     2020-11-18
Suppression of wax pieces, in the process of the first article and oppressive, be sure to self-check, strictly according to various parameters provided by the standard process card. Using the new mould, be sure to make clear the mold assembly, disassembly sequence and modulus method, etc. Mold cavity don't spray too much mold release agent, the available compressed air; Auxiliary blowing mold release even, do not regularly according to the actual operation situation of spray. Put should tidy rules of wax and should pay attention to the direction of the place, protected from deformation and knocked wounded phenomenon exists. Per disk wax items must be wax type card in place, the content should include: product name, began to stand for the time, pressing, pressing date and quantity. To suppress the air cylinder in the process of insulation to promptly returned to the slot insulation. Before coming off work after the wax wax cylinder should be shot, waste and waste wax wax to clean them in special car, to wax processing recycle. Wax injection machine is working, not accuracy with walking mould or reached into rated-locking mesa, and no single hand operation button, fight a personal safety accident. Wax mold cooling water daily need to change, it is forbidden to use water to wash their hands. Precision casting what problem need to pay attention to precision casting precision casting precision casting factory | | | dongguan precision casting precision foundry processing | dongguan | stainless steel precision casting: WWW. ggcasting。 com
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