What are the reasons will affect the quality of the foundry casting - Foundry casting

by:XEX     2021-03-14
Sand mold casting is also called the foundry casting, refers to the use of clay bonded sand for casting, molding materials production is the process method has a long history, is also the most widely application scope. With a long history dating back to thousands of years ago; Its application scope, can be said that there is no place not all over the world. Small make up today to big about which reason will affect the quality of the casting foundry. 1, must have the reasonable casting process. According to the casting structure, weight and size, casting alloy characteristics and production condition, reasonable setting appropriate parting surface and modeling, method of core making, casting, cold iron, playing board and casting system. Ensure access to quality cast iron. 2, the foundry raw material quality. If the metal furnace, refractory materials, fuel, fluxing agent, modifier and casting sand, sand adhesive, coating and other materials do not conform to the standard, the quality of cast iron will appear porosity, pore, defects such as slag, adhesive, and adhesive, affect the appearance quality and internal quality of cast iron, and in severe cases of cast iron. Fourth, to pass the process operation, make reasonable process operation procedures, improve the technical level of workers, the correct implementation procedure. Above is why affect the quality of the foundry casting, the hope can help you. Today small make up to you at this point, let's see you next time.
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