What are the steps of lost wax casting

by:XEX     2021-01-19
Lost wax casting also called precision casting. Art is also commonly used this way gating. Most of the ancient art is such a method. Material: wax, shell making refractory ( Such as quartz sand, bauxite, etc. ) , binder ( Such as water glass, ethyl silicate and silica sol, etc. ) Steps: first step, second step design process, production mold the third step, wax into the mold, then remove the wax pieces. The appearance of the shape of the wax thing namely after pouring casting step 4, repair wax step 5, the wax to the gating system to step 6, a group shell making. First will set a good wax on the pulp barrels, with paste, then remove them and put a wax in the sand, so will be stained with a layer of sand on the surface of the wax. To dry. To this layer after drying, and continue to such a program, generally five to six floors. The last layer with slurry, don't touch the sand step 7, dewaxing. When the shell making, not completely be move around on the surface of the wax, but at the top of the nozzle to show part of then put wax pieces in the equipment, heating, melt wax, flow out. Step 8, pouring. Need to preheat the shell casting. Step 9, shell of vibration in the end, clean up. These are xin, Jason precision casting co. , LTD. The steps for you to share the lost wax casting, the company in line with & other Customer needs, is our pursuit & throughout; The service objective, wholeheartedly welcome the from all walks of life both at home and abroad guidance and cooperation.
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