What is a casting

by:XEX     2021-03-19
Casting forging method is to use a variety of metal forming object. With casting, injection, inhalation, or other casting method into the prepared mold, after cooling after grinding and other follow-up processing technique, obtained has certain shape, precision casting dimension and the function of the object. The casting using has a long history. The ancient people and some days equipment castings. In modern times, the first as the blank of machine parts, casting some fine casting, also can be directly used as the parts of the machine. Casting a large proportion in the mechanical products, such as tractors, casting component accounted for about 5070% of the whole machine component accounting for 4070% of agricultural machinery such as machine tools, internal combustion engine reached 7090% in all kinds of casting, machining of precision parts for the mechanical casting most varieties, shapes the clutter, dosage is also the biggest, about 60% of the total output value of casting followed by metallurgical ingot mould and engineering pipeline, and the days of using some of the things. Casting has many kinds of classification methods: machining parts according to its different metal materials used, divided into steel, cast iron, cast copper, cast aluminum parts, casting, magnesium, titanium zinc casting, casting parts, etc. And each type of castings can be according to their chemical composition and metallographic arrange further share out bonus of different varieties. If parts can be divided into grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron, malleable cast iron, alloy cast iron parts, etc. ; According to cast molding method, can be divided into general the casting sand mold casting, metal mold casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, continuous casting parts, investment casting, ceramic type casting, electroslag casting pieces, double metal castings, etc. In general use most sand mold casting, about 80% of all casting production and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc castings, mostly die casting.
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