What is a ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-10-30
The main composition of nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe with carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium. Execution standard GB/T13295 - 2003 iso2531 or above 2003 ductile iron pipes are defined using 18 casting molten iron after adding nodularizer, high-speed centrifugal casting by centrifugal ductile cast iron machine pipeline, said ductile iron pipes, ( 跨度) 球墨铸铁管) , referred to as ball tube, iron and ductile pipes, etc. Ductile iron pipe is a kind of cast iron pipe. Quality requirements of spheroidal graphite cast iron pipe grade control for 1 - Level 3 ( Spheroidization rate> 80%) , and got better improvement on the mechanical properties of the material itself, has the nature of the iron and steel performance. After annealing of nodular cast iron pipe, the microstructure of ferrite and a small amount of pearlite, good mechanical properties, anti-corrosion performance and ductility can good, good sealing effect, easy to install, it is mainly used for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply, gas, oil, etc.
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