What is ductile iron pipe DN500 ShenShuiLiang allowed

by:XEX     2021-04-05
Spheroidizing treatment method is as follows: the most commonly used process is rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodularizer into law, in hot metal ladle bottom is not straight on the iron water side and goal, agents, and then cover ( With silicon cover first, and then with no iron rust or sheet iron, or expanded perlite sand cover etc. ) 。 According to the original molten iron containing flow to determine the content of nodularizer, under the premise that guarantee the spheroidizing addition amount, the lower the better. Has been applicable to the as-cast pearlite ductile iron, ductile iron with heavy section and other special nodularizer series supplies. Qingdao nodular cast iron pipe manufacturer some ball iron works to choose cover package, type in the spheroidizing treatment processes, such as magnesium to reduce burning loss, reaction time and no micron flue gas environmental protection purpose. And feeding method because of the small amount of residual magnesium nodulizing, spheroidizing stable quality, improve labor environment, clean production, simple operation, easy to control, etc are being applied. Ductile iron pipe by water-cooled metal mold centrifugal pouring process, in accordance with ISO2531 standard production grade K9, T type pipe socket type interface. 1, outside the whole pipe outside surface anti-corrosion spray zinc spraying zinc corrosion process & ndash; — Perform ISO8179 standard spray zinc amount is more than 130 g/m2. Using non-toxic high chloride resin paint. 2, inner pipe inner surface coated with cement mortar lining & ndash; Implement ISO4179 standards, the use of washing sand and high sulfur cement as raw materials.
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