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by:XEX     2021-02-24
New aluminum alloy castings' target='_blank'>casting repair technology, which is in the middle of the butt weld and lick the filling material by atomic molecular motion to sticky them up, what is the aluminum alloy casting repair process? Dongguan pig iron casting factory below details with you! Using this way to complete repair on the surface layer of aluminum alloy casting, in both colour degree and density level they are all very perfect, not easy to appear small aperture, relatively high standard of industry standard, not only repair efficiency and has a relatively high economic benefits. Aluminum casting defects of castings are gathered in the surface layer, or most inside, there will be a vent in the two locations, trachoma, etc. Are patched by the traditional method by using electric welding machine to complete the repair, the repair method can make the strength of the solder joints after welding is too high, easy to make the aluminum alloy casting internal stress, easy to cause deformation and fracture, must also complete annealing heat treatment after welding can amount to mark. However, application of aluminum casting defect repair machine to object to carry out the repair damage, due to the shape in the process of welding heat is very small, so welding repair aluminum casting basic can't find out the formation of hard spots, can not find the dangers of partial color, not bite boundary and stress, and no crack appears. Xin, produces the product quality is stable, can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad, at the same time, our factory pay attention to corporate image, mix with reputation, well received by the customers. If you just choose dongguan pig iron casting factory, welcome each big customers to cooperate with our factory, to provide a win-win opportunity.
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