What is the casting process? Casting process what are main types

by:XEX     2021-02-23
Sand casting process is to use a certain performance of the original casting method as the main material. Casting foundry related theory and system of knowledge production techniques and methods. Including casting process, casting system, feeding system, air flow, quench system, special casting technology, etc. Casting the main process includes: metal smelting, model manufacturing, casting solidification and demoulding cleaning, etc. The main material is cast steel, cast iron foundry, casting non-ferrous alloy ( Copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc. ) And so on. Casting process can be divided into sand mould casting process and special casting process. Special casting, special casting process with centrifugal casting, low pressure casting, the differential pressure casting, pressure casting, plaster mold casting, ceramic mold casting methods such as [ 3] Pressure casting foundry is refers to the liquid metal in other external forces ( Without gravity) Under the action of injection mold process. Generalized pressure casting including die casting machine pressure casting and vacuum casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc. ; Narrow casting are specifically to die casting machine of the metal mold casting, die casting for short. The several kinds of casting process is the most commonly used in non-ferrous metal casting, is relative with the lowest price. Metal mold casting metal mold casting is made of metal, Heat resistant alloy steel, ductile iron, heat resistant cast iron, etc. ) Production of foundry hollow casting mould of modern technology. Die casting die casting is the metal mold casting on the die casting machine, is the highest casting process in the production efficiency. Investment casting lost wax casting now called revestment precision casting, is a less cutting or no cutting casting process, is an excellent technology in foundry industry, its application is very extensive. It is not only applicable to the various types, various kinds of alloy casting, and produce the casting dimension accuracy and surface quality is higher than other casting method, even other casting method is difficult to cast the complex, high temperature resistant, not easy machining castings, all can use revestment precision casting wrought. Epc epc technology ( EPC or LFC) Is made of plastic foam into a completely different parts structure and size with the real mould, via dip-coating bonded refractory coating, drying, dry sand molding, vibration compaction, and then poured into the liquid metal to shape heating gasification disappeared, and consistent with the shape shape of the metal parts of the casting method. Epc is a nearly WuYuLiang, precise forming of new technology, it does not need to close box modulus, use dry sand molding without binder, reduce the pollution, is considered to be the most likely to realize green casting technology of the 21st century. Fine grain casting fine grain casting technology or process ( FGCP) Principle is by controlling the average investment casting process, strengthen the nucleation mechanism of alloy, the alloy in the process of casting to form a large number of crystal core, and prevent grain growth. Sand mold casting sand mold casting is a kind of modeling a sand as the main materials, make traditional mould casting process. Sand casting mainly adopts gravity casting process: gravity casting is refers to the liquid metal in the earth's gravity injection mold process, also known as casting. Generalized gravity casting sand mold casting, metal mold casting, investment casting, mud casting, etc. ; The narrow meaning of gravity casting specifically to metal mold casting. We provide cheap and fine casting products for the customers, common development!
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